Monday, February 8, 2010

Neenah: Color Unleashed

Here it is! For those of us that are slightly technologically unsaavy and don't have an iPhone, there is hope! Neenah Paper has expanded their Color Unleashed color palette assistant to the web, so now anyone with a computer has access to the awesomeness that is Color Unleashed.
There are four different ways to create a color palette. You can use your own CMYK or RGB values and build from there, or you can upload your own photos and select values right from the image. If you have already chosen your favorite Classic sheet, you can even base a palette from the color of your paper. Or, if you are feeling crazy, you can chose a palette based on personality traits from the Dewey Color System. Perhaps your client is "free-thinking" and "bold," or maybe they are "traditional" and "innovative." Any way you look at it, Neenah is here to help you sort it out and get the colors you need.

Friday, February 5, 2010

NEW Felt & Wire website from Mohawk Fine Papers

Mohawk Fine Paper has done it again! They have created a spectacular website/blog for "the paper obsessed." Naturally, I checked it out, and I am in awe. It has everything: "Felt & Wire is about the universe of design, paper and print - from posters to packaging, from memorable mail to beautiful books, from invitations to artistic innovations. Felt & Wire reveals the fascinations, avocations and professions of the people who inhabit this continually expanding and evolving universe. It is a community, by and about those of us who are paper-obsessed."
"Felt and wire are used in papermaking to absorb excess water and smooth the forming sheet. Felt can also allude to the softness and emotion; wire also refers to intelligence and connectivity. explores both sides of the inspiration equation - the tactile and the technical."
When you have a free moment, please check out this fabulous site, and pick up some useful knowledge, as well as some very-cool curated paper goods - just in time for Valentine's Day!