Monday, July 27, 2009

Mohawk Adds to Their Growing Digital Line-Up

With the acquisition of Smart Papers, Mohawk now has a wider range of papers available for digital printing. Mohawk's "i-Tone" represents a new benchmark in papers for digital color production printing. This process was developed to bring unparalleled toner transfer on liquid and dry toner digital color production presses. Whether you run HP Indigo, Kodak NexPress 2100 or Xerox iGen3™ Digital Production Press, these papers are sure to give you an impressive image. They will also work on high-speed and color copiers. On HP Indigo presses though, i-Tone papers offer exceptional image transfer, with fewer “clicks” to clean blankets. On dry toner presses, i-Tone papers maximize the performance of the equipment and optimize the transfer and adhesion of toner to paper. So, now the i-Tone list includes:
  • 50/10
  • Knightkote
  • Kromekote
  • Color Copy
  • Options
  • Superfine
  • Via
  • Strathmore Script
  • Strathmore Writing
  • Beckett Cambric
  • Beckett Expression
AND - as if that wasn't enough, they have included these sheets in their awards program, but under another name - the "i-Tonies" - clever huh? Let me know if you need samples or if you have entries for me!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sappi The Standard #3

Just when you thought there wasn't anything exciting about coated paper, Sappi is stopping you in your tracks. Issue three of The Standard examines ways that varnishes and coatings can be used as a design technique. This crazy little book has practical and informative tips, print demonstrations and a glossary of term to help bridge the gap between the technical and the creative worlds. This fabulous display of printing gives designers the ability to do on paper what online media cannot - give tangible depth, dimensionality and texture to images and words. It has everything from scented UV coatings, to thermochromatic inks that change colors with your touch, to simple gloss and matte varnishes that can be achieved on regular 5-color presses. Whether you are printing a "normal" trifold brochure or your once in a lifetime annual report, you will be able to find ideas in this book. You NEED this book in your arsenal, so if you don't have it yet - give me a call.

Monday, July 13, 2009

NEW iPhone app from Neenah Papers!

No Kidding! Neenah Papers has been working with their branding buds, And Partners, to create a super-cool iPhone app called Think Ink. This is a free iPhone application which helps users find colors using the Dewey Color System, the world’s only validated, color-based personality testing instrument (remember the awesome green book Neenah printed a couple years back - Olive is Not Drab - that's it!). You can create a color (RBG to CMYK), chose a color based on Neenah Paper you are already using or chose a color based on the scientifically recognized major psychometric personality factors (ie: extroverted, impulsive, carefree). Or, you can take a picture and isolate the pixels for a perfect match. AMAZING. Then, you can check out a complimentary color palette to get you going, and find a Neenah Paper perfect for your project. This is truly a great app that you will get some use out of. Check out more at: